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When we were creating our concept we had a few key elements in mind, QUALITY, SERVICE & MADE IN THE USA.

Having been in the industry for many years we were already familiar with the types of window treatments and many of the manufacturers out there. With reputation being vital to the survival of any small business, it is important that we only carry quality products that will last, we want to alleviate headaches, not create them. Window treatments are an investment in your home and can really be a difference maker in how you enjoy your home environment throughout cold winters, hot summers and even from morning to afternoon. It is important to make sure that the window treatment you purchase meets your light control, privacy and insulation needs. UV protection is another important consideration. Even if your nearest neighbor is 6 miles away, UV rays can quickly damage furniture and flooring.

With service being a top priority, we have chosen manufacturers who have good reputations for quality, honoring warranties and really have a low occurrence of need for warranty work to begin with. In addition to researching and choosing manufacturers with solid reputations, we are also backing that with 1 year of free service/labor. Our promise is that we will strive to make our clients not just happy but thrilled with the products and service they receive from us. We believe an unhappy client is an opportunity to improve & grow so we want to hear about both successes and failures.

Lastly, we feel that American made products are just as important as quality & service. We want to do our part to support American manufacturing and American engineering, so we want products that are engineered, manufactured, and assembled on American soil by American based companies.

In addition, we will be donating a percentage of the profit each year to the Wounded Warrior Project and we offer discounts to all first responders & active duty or military veterans as a THANK YOU for their service and for supporting our small business.

Stephanie, a licensed window covering contractor in California, was born, and raised in Southern California. She started working a summer job when she was 15, helping her neighbors with the business they were just starting. She answered phones, did filing and even helped with assembling parts to build vertical blind headrails. Staying with that company she started helping with things like Home Show and Fair booths, door to door canvassing and appointment setting. As the years went on, she learned more and more about the products and the industry, networking and training with industry professionals from across the country. 

Eventually Stephanie started doing in home design consultations and sales and that is where she found her passion. Stephanie was offered a position spearheading a new shop at home shutter program through Home Depot with a shutter manufacturer and that program is still in place today. Unfortunately, the Great Recession of 2008 began and brought the housing market in Southern California and most of the country to a screeching halt, almost overnight. She then moved to Elko where she had family but had never been.

Living in Elko for 10 years, she fell in love with the sense of community, the beauty, recreation, professional opportunities, history, and small-town culture. In Elko Stephanie worked at Wells Fargo Bank as a banker and she was active in the community through the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. She missed the creative outlet that being a designer offered her. In 2016, life called her away from Elko, though she didn’t want to move away, God had other plans.

That move lead her to a reunion with her longtime friend Shawn. While living back in Southern California, the place that once was home, she returned to work with the same company as office manager and in-home design consultant. During that time, she managed the Window Fashions Shop-at-Home program for 4 Costco stores as well as contracts with the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, many local school districts, hospitals, and medical groups. She also worked with realtors & builders to create “builder packages” for inclusion with home purchases as well as property managers to provide quality, affordable window coverings in rental homes.

Unfortunately, California no longer felt like home.

Shawn grew up in Las Vegas and moved to Southern California after High School. He worked a number of years in the gas station construction field before he began working for the City of Rancho Cucamonga and later the City of Hesperia. Shawn is a social butterfly who has never met a stranger. He is funny and witty and has an amazing smile and a big heart. He began representing the company that Stephanie worked for in major chain stores and he also became certified as an installer through the Window Fashions Certified Professionals program. They were married in 2019 and their combined family includes 6 children, including 1 set of twins, and 4 grandchildren. They have 2 granddaughters in California and 1 granddaughter and 1 grandson here in Elko. Together they balance each other well. Stephanie is creative, Shawn is practical & mechanical. Stephanie is reserved, Shawn is outgoing and loves meeting people. After visiting Elko several times, he too fell in love with it and all it has to offer. Together they took a leap of faith and decided to sell their home in California to plant roots in the community that they both love. They enjoyed remodeling their home in California & they are now doing a full remodel on the house they bought here. In their down time they enjoy exploring the area, taking a random dirt road, and seeing what adventures they run into, hanging out at Angel Lake, Lamoille Canyon or other scenic treasures as well as spoiling their grandkids.

They decided they would bring their experience and expertise to Elko and the idea for All American Blind Co was born.

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